FNSI Results

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope your holiday weekend is/was wonderful!

I haven’t gotten to participate in a sew-in for a while. Although it is Thanksgiving weekend I had plenty of time on Friday night. 

 Till this weekend, I’ve little time to stitch. DIY projects (more about that later) and my sister had a stroke about a week in a half ago. That was a rough and scary time. She’s doing fine now. They have her in rehab. She is having to learn to do the simple things, like write her name. As awful as it sounds, I have faith in God and I know she will overcome!

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FNSI Results

I spent some time last night working on a project that I had started earlier but haven’t shown you yet. It’s a pattern that came out of Just Cross Stitch magazine, the March/April 2015 issue.

The pattern is named Teacup Herbs by Sharon Pope. There are four in the series. March/April’s issue had two, Dill and Thyme.

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Slow Stitching Sunday

I so excited to be done with block 1! Honestly, I don’t make pieced blocks often. In the past I’ve tried and I just couldn’t get it right. For that reason, when I do pieced block I choose paper piecing. It’s just less frustrating. But….I must have done enough of those (paper pieced) that now my piecing is getting better. Cause this block turned out so close to good. My points are not all perfect but they are so close that I don’t really care.

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FNwF’s Results

I spent Friday night working on the Mirabilia Winter Queen. I’m slowly making progress. I plan on spending today and tomorrow stitching more on this.  I had some time to work since my last post about this but not much. The holidays and other projects got in the way. Getting back to stitching is the goal now.

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