FNSI Results

I spent some time last night working on a project that I had started earlier but haven’t shown you yet. It’s a pattern that came out of Just Cross Stitch magazine, the March/April 2015 issue.

The pattern is named Teacup Herbs by Sharon Pope. There are four in the series. March/April’s issue had two, Dill and Thyme.

(Updated…..See May/June 2015 Teacup Herbs here and March/April Teacup Herbs here)

This one is Dill.

I had the black stitches done already and last night I worked in the white stitches.

It’s going to be so sweet when it’s done.

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10 thoughts on “FNSI Results

  1. Gorgeous work! I was curious about the name “dill” and the black and white cup, but I think I have figured out that the dill will be in the cup. Am I right?

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    1. That’s right. There are four teacups in the series. Each have a different herb. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. Got to work on my writing skills. Smile


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