In the Garden….Seed Collecting

This past Saturday I took a seed starting class. I took one last year even though I had some earlier experience in seed starting. No matter what I think I know, I can always learn something new. Taking gardening classes is a lot like sewing. The instructors have different knowledge levels and experiences. I want to learn from them. I’m always seeking to learn more.

What came of this class was I learned more about a wonderful seed company that I have come to love.

That’s because this year’s instructor was a representative (David) from the seed company Botanical Interest. They are a company out of Broomfield, Colorado. You can only find their seeds on their website and at most independent garden nurseries. They don’t sell through the big box stores. 

They have organic seeds and conventionally produced (untreated) seeds. Both varieties of nongmo and organic seeds. I’ve been using their seeds for a few years now and I have done well with them.

What I also learned about them is the beautiful artwork on the front of the packages are drawn by local artists. These seed packets with their beautiful artwork is such a bonus. When packets are empty, I don’t throw them out unless I messed them up somehow. I always save the empty packet.

There is a lot of information about starting seeds and about the company on their website. For example, in their learn to grow section there are all kinds of information such as hardening off seedlings and attracting bees to your garden.

Here’s what I went home with.

I’m most excited about this one.

David said he grew these indoors over the winter. He had cucumbers in January. I’ll be giving this a try to see if I can have such luck. Remember with gardening results may vary. 🙂

Oh, just to let you know, I’m a seed collector. Ha! I love my seeds.

I store them in sealed containers. Keep in mind if you want to do this, store them in a dry, dark, and cool place. Moisture and warm temps. are not your seed saving friends.

In case you’re wondering, I have not received any compensation for this post. I’m sharing with you a seed company I use myself and happen to love. So, go ahead and check them out. You just might end up loving them too.