My Mid-Week Status

Oops, last week totally got away from me. I spent it doing ‘Mom’ things and dealing with a cold. Didn’t get to do anything sewing or diy related. However, I thought you’d like to see what my errand day with my sweet pie was like.

It was a beautiful day. We had received some light snow overnight. The wonderful thing was nothing stuck to the main roads. They weren’t icy, but what we had was some beautiful frost on the trees and fog in the upper atmosphere. I love these types of days.

We don’t get them often. So when we do it’s so hard to stay indoors. These days feel soft, dreamy, and somewhat romantic. For me they feel good to the body. They are calming.

So beautiful.

Then Saturday came and it was all gone. It’s been in the upper 50’s since. At least I have my pictures. 🙂




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