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Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so happy to participate in this weeks hop.

When planning for the hop I had several different ideas. First the watercolor dream I have of one day starting my painting again. But, this is a sewing group and I didn’t think anyone would have been interested in that.

Then there was the Little Red Riding Hood cross stitch project I could do. Problem is I’m not a fast stitcher. I wouldn’t have been anywhere close to being finished. That brings to mind another dream. Starting projects I can finish. Seriously, who am I kidding? Being a finisher is a Fairy Tale.

So I decided I would use my embroidery machine to start a project that would give me finished blocks to show and I could just decide how to finish it later.

I settled on the Frog Prince and the Fairy Tale designs from OESD. They stitched out so nice. I’m loving them all.

I changed a few of the colors so that the Frog Prince would work with the Castle and others. It saved on threads too. These designs can take quite a few threads and the cost does add up.

I was unable to stitch up the Princess, ran out of stabilizer. So I have that to finish later. lol

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday June 25

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15 thoughts on “Fairy Tales Blog Hop

  1. You have made a fabulous start. I think I am playing on my embroidery machine today….so excited. It is new for me and quite fun. Too bad on the stabilizer, but it will be finished one day…fairy tales do come true.


  2. Theresa your embroidered block are just the cutest and will make a fun project one day. Thank you for sharing. I do like your thread color changes. 😉


  3. Oh so cute! I need to use my embroidery machine more often because of pretty designs like these. I love them!


  4. Oh Theresa those stitcheries are just adorable. I haven’t really sat down with my embroidery machine, to play in a very long time. I would love to see your watercolors some time. We are a fabric based group, but I’m sure I can speak for us all, when I say, we “LOVE” seeing all kinds of arts used. Thanks for joining in and inspiring me to do more embroidery!


  5. Theresa this is beautiful! I love OESD designs! Great job. Wish we were closer, I would have given you some stabilizer. I have amassed quite a collection through the years! You’ll have to post a finish soon! I would have been interested in the watercolor dream! I used to oil paint and still do a little with acrylics. Just started doing some of Helen Godden’s painting on fabric. You should check her out. A great way to combine two loves! Thanks for sharing!


  6. My favorite is the castle but they are all wonderful. I love embroidery and my mother just got a machine. I’m excited to eventually try hers out! Thank you for sharing!


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