Polar Bear Plunge

Joan of MooseStash Quilting, challenge of making something inspired by polar bears, blue, or cold got me to thinking about my Wooly Adventure blocks. They needed to be moved from the WIP’s pile to the working pile. This hop was a good time to do just that.

These wooly blocks are from 2016. So that’s like 6 years ago. Long time. Only two of the blocks are still available from the research I did. Most of the blocks were 8″ in size but a few were 10″. The backgrounds that came with the kits varied and didn’t work well together. Because I wanted to put them in a quilt, that was a problem for me. So I decided to just them on coordinating flannel backgrounds and use a cream flannel to border the 8″ squares to sew up to the 10″ blocks.

Didn’t notice till after the taking the photos some stray threads. Sorry about that.

The block is still available as a pattern from The Quilted Cow.

As I was stitching these blocks my full intention was to complete it as a wall hanging. Then I started to research the blocks availability and came across a 2020 wooly kit from Through a Needles Eye called Going to Grandmas that be perfect in this. I think I was sleeping through 2020 cause I don’t remember that one. So, back to the WIP box till I receive the kit and stitch it up.

Ahhh, and so is life. lol

But I did complete one fully and just need to find a place to hang it.

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Calico Patch Designs. This one is still available as a kit. I used the same flannel background as the previous blocks and left off the brown border. I also lost a few of the buttons but I think it’s still really cute.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate so much. Have a lovely day of hopping. Here is the list of today’s talented bloggers.

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  1. Adorable wooly blocks! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a whole cabinet full of wool kit projects from a lot longer ago than 2016. Great work!

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  2. Oh my goodness, I do love your wooly blocks. Baby it’s cold outside is adorable and your stitching is beautiful. Congrats on getting back to a WIP, for the hop!

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