FNSI Results

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope your holiday weekend is/was wonderful!

I haven’t gotten to participate in a sew-in for a while. Although it is Thanksgiving weekend I had plenty of time on Friday night. 

 Till this weekend, I’ve little time to stitch. DIY projects (more about that later) and my sister had a stroke about a week in a half ago. That was a rough and scary time. She’s doing fine now. They have her in rehab. She is having to learn to do the simple things, like write her name. As awful as it sounds, I have faith in God and I know she will overcome!

Okay my project:

I could have started a new project and  I am not at a shortage of WIP’s.  I decided regardless to continue with the teacup cross stitch projects I’ve been working on. This one is Basil. The pattern is from Just Cross Stitch magazine. Issue June 2015.

I’m really loving these little teacups. Not sure how I am going to finish them once I have all four done.

Here is where I was when I got started Friday night.

I worked on the greenery, adding more to it to get it complete.

You can see the leaves starting to form. I think I have only one more green color to add.  Than I will begin to start the white flowers.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Till next time.



4 thoughts on “FNSI Results

  1. Oh, now that looks pretty! What about hanging them in hoops? It looks so pretty in the middle of that one! I’m sorry your sister is undergoing this, but so happy to hear she is already in rehab and working to relearn things. I agree with you. Faith in God is the best thing. We know he has a plan and we are all part of it. Even when I don’t know what my part is, I have to keep going forward in faith that He’s in charge and I’ll get where He wants me to be!

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    1. Putting them in hoops sounds lovely. My sister is not 100% yet but is she doing much better than would be expected. Her recovery truly was a miracle. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.


  2. Your leaves really are starting to pop! Am curious also on how you’ll be finishing these. Glad to hear your sister is recovering. My brother-in-law recently had a stroke too but, after rehab, he’s just about 100% back to his normal self. Hope your sister does as well!

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