In the Garden…….


Instead of posting pictures of lovely flowers, I thought I would show you what happen last Thursday night.

There was the most wonderful of electric storm that went on for about an hour. I tried to capture on video but I’m not quite good at that. You should have seen it. It was amazing. Than the sky opened up and hailed hail the size of golf balls. Some even larger.

The next morning woke up to this.

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Summer Sensations Blog Hop

Summer Sensations-smallerIt’s day one of Summer Sensations Blog Hop. Thanks to Marian from Seams To Be Sew and today’s sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop.

It’s been a hot summer and living in a house with no air conditioning is not always good for sewing. Thank goodness I have a cool basement. With that, you’d think that I’d be sewing my little heart out, but no. It’s been a busy summer so simple projects are perfect.

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Maggie’s First Dance BOM Block 1….Done!


I so excited to be done with block 1! Honestly, I don’t make pieced blocks often. In the past I’ve tried and I just couldn’t get it right. For that reason, when I do pieced block I choose paper piecing. It’s just less frustrating. But….I must have done enough of those (paper pieced) that now my piecing is getting better. Cause this block turned out so close to good. My points are not all perfect but they are so close that I don’t really care.

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Which Thread Should You Use?

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite designers, Becky Goldsmith. She has a great tutorial breaking down the confusion as to what kind of threads work best with wool. This is something I have struggled with in my process of learning wool applique. There are a variety of threads available and knowing which ones to try first can be overwhelming. Reading about her experience and seeing her examples was very helpful.

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FNwF’s Results and Slow Stitching Sunday


Last Friday night I spent some time continuing work on Winter Queen. Although I haven’t blogged in a while, I have stitched, mostly on Winter Queen. I’ve made some progress and can now begin to see the end in sight.

The blue in the pics always looks different each time I photograph. It’s just as hard to get right as all white. Sorry about that.

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FNSI Results…Easter Weekend


FNSI was to be a weekend of sewing. I instead spent it sick. My husband even had to cook Easter dinner. I think it turned out great. I couldn’t taste it sadly due to the rotten cold I had. It didn’t help that I was also suffering from the nausea that comes with having a migraine.  Aside from all that it was a beautiful Easter Sunday, weather wise.  Not sure what the temps were but it didn’t feel cold having the windows open. It was sunny with a very light breeze. Just beautiful!

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Chalk Painted Baskets


I’m responsible for the door prizes for my quilt guild this year. The prizes didn’t have to be extravagant. They are supposed to be something simple and nice. Most times the prizes are placed in a paper bag so are a surprise. This isn’t the rule just how it’s mostly done. 

Well, I’m shaking things up. I am keeping it simple and cheap, that’s what I was told to do. I’ve put together five door prizes monthly for $10, meaning $2.50 each.  That’s my average. The shake up is that I don’t always place them in a bag and I don’t make all of them same. I like fun and I like pretty. Can’t help it.  I just think getting a door prize should exciting.

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