Nuts About ? Blog Hop

There are lots of things I’m nuts about. Goofy, Hello Kitty, gardening, star blocks, just to name a few. When deciding on a project for this hop I went back and forth, then back again. I almost couldn’t do it. I was trying to make a quilt project but I couldn’t do it. The problem was….when it comes to sewing projects, I’m a doll maker. I absolutely love-making dolls, prim ones to be exact. Now, I don’t do the scary ones. Trust me, there some scary primitive dolls. You may know what I’m talking about.  I can’t make those. I like pretty, cute  dolls.

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In Your Words Blog Hop

I’m so excited! My day has finally come! Thanks to Madame Sam @Sew We Quilt! and Linda @Buzzing and Bumbling for all the hard work putting this hop together!
I saw this hop as an opportunity to do a project that reflected me and the things I love. On my word board I listed words that reflected what was most important to me.

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