Daffodils, Daisies and a Tammy Bag

Last week I put together a simple floral arrangement to compliment a Tammy Bag that I finally got the frame sewn on. As I cropping and framing photos to post pics for the Meet and Greet I participated in last Friday, I began to collage some of my favorites.

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In The Garden….What’s Still Bloom’n

Well, Fall is definitely here. Not much is still blooming but what’s in my containers.
Thought I’d show you what’s still Bloom’n.
My black petunias. They are really a very deep purple. I love still. I look for them every year. They are very hard to find. I noticed when they come in they’re in very small quantities. These are a striped version. Just lovely!

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In The Garden….Goodbye To Tomatoes

Over the summer we have seen a lot of rain and that has had it’s toll on my tomatoes. They have suffered blossom end rot, cracking, and aphids (that’s another post for next time). I just came to a place where I had to make a decision to give up. After all there is always next year.

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