In the Garden….End of the Season

The temperatures here are starting to drop a little and it’s the last day of September. For Colorado it can snow anytime.  So, I’m harvesting the last of my tomatoes. The ones that actually ripen.

I grow my tomatoes in pots and not in a garden. This season was better than last year. (That post here) I managed to ward off the aphids, blossom end rot, and had only one cracked tomato. I learned last year that ants are friends of aphids and my enemy. So this year, I managed to keep the ants of the patio and amazingly I had no aphid problems.

We had a lot of rain this summer so not over watering was really important.  I fertilized during dry spells so that it wouldn’t just run straight though the pot after it rained.

So with that, I consider this years attempt to grow tomatoes a success.

Even though having that success most of my tomatoes didn’t ripen. Most went from green to bad right on the vine.  My Super Sioux and Zebra Striped never even showed signs of trying to ripen. This is a problem I dealt with last year as well. From what I have read online there are many reasons for this but the one that makes sense for my situation is climate conditions. They just weren’t favorable.

I tried growing some varies along with my favorites. Even though not every tomato ripen I did have a some that did. The census here in the house for those was a thumbs up. I must tell ya I don’t eat raw tomatoes. I will eat them cooked and I do like to grow them. So I’m relying on my DH for ‘raw taste’.

  1. July 4th Tomatoes

These grown in clusters and are slightly larger than a Cherry tomato.  Didn’t get a lot of these to ripen, most staid green. I have had success with these in the past but the last two seasons haven’t been good.


2. Cherokee Tomatoes

(First time growing these)

These grew to a nice size but never reached ripen. I even tried bringing them in the house but it just went from green to bad. I do like their shape and so I’ll be giving these another try next year.

3.  Super Sioux

(First time growing these)

Showed promise but didn’t ripen.

4.  Zebra Striped Tomatoes

(First time growing these)

Never even tried to ripen. I liked the stripes.  Going to have to do more research and give them another try next year.

5. Cherry Tomatoes

Actually, I got a lot of these. Not enough to do some canning but enough to cook with. The guys love to eat these as a snack.

I had another mini tomato that did well…..

6. Yellow Pear Tomato

These were fun to watch grow. They are shaped like a tear drop right before turning into the pear shape. Of all the tomatoes, these did the best and I got a lot from just one plant. They were also the house favorite.

These are not all I got, just what is left. 🙂

I’m looking forward to next Spring and I’m making plans!

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  1. Very interesting. I, too, have trouble growing tomatoes in the wet climate here. Yep, cracking, falling off, turning bad, etc. Except for cherry and grape tomatoes. I don’t even bother to plant others any more. I do like green tomatoes, though, so maybe you can fry up a batch of those before the green turns to bad.

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