In the Garden…….Hail Storm

Instead of posting pictures of lovely flowers, I thought I would show you what happen last Thursday night.

There was the most wonderful of electric storm that went on for about an hour. I tried to capture on video but I’m not quite good at that. You should have seen it. It was amazing. Then the sky opened up and hailed hail the size of golf balls. Some even larger.

The next morning woke up to this.

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Daffodils, Daisies and a Tammy Bag

Last week I put together a simple floral arrangement to compliment a Tammy Bag that I finally got the frame sewn on. As I cropping and framing photos to post pics for the Meet and Greet I participated in last Friday, I began to collage some of my favorites.

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In The Garden….What’s Still Bloom’n

Well, Fall is definitely here. Not much is still blooming but what’s in my containers.
Thought I’d show you what’s still Bloom’n.
My black petunias. They are really a very deep purple. I love still. I look for them every year. They are very hard to find. I noticed when they come in they’re in very small quantities. These are a striped version. Just lovely!

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