In The Garden….What’s Still Bloom’n

Well, Fall is definitely here. Not much is still blooming but what’s in my containers.
Thought I’d show you what’s still Bloom’n.
My black petunias. They are really a very deep purple. I love still. I look for them every year. They are very hard to find. I noticed when they come in they’re in very small quantities. These are a striped version. Just lovely!

Mums. These are my favorite fall flowers. (Of course, I have to admit I have lots of favorites. Seriously, what’s a gardener to do? 🙂  )
I love to buy these each year and put them in pots and add some to my yard.

Daisy’s are another of my favorites. At the top of the list is Gerbera Daisy. I love them! I also grow Shasta and African Daisy’s. My Shasta’s are spent but my Gerbera and African are still blooming.



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