In the Garden…….Hail Storm

Instead of posting pictures of lovely flowers, I thought I would show you what happen last Thursday night.

There was the most wonderful of electric storm that went on for about an hour. I tried to capture on video but I’m not quite good at that. You should have seen it. It was amazing. Then the sky opened up and hailed hail the size of golf balls. Some even larger.

The next morning woke up to this.

Lost the back window completely. The windshield was cracked up as well. The other vehicles suffered damage too.

My neighbor let me take this picture. This was left over hail.

Of course, there was some damage to my plants and trees.

This was Snow In Summer. It’s been growing and spreading ever since I started it from seed about 4-5yrs ago. By the way, I never planted here. This is where it spread from a nearby area of the yard. I liked the way it looks here so I leave it alone to grow. Waiting now to see if it recovers.

The hail also beat my trees. There were leaves all over the yard.

My Daisies took a beating too. They are a sturdy plant but it’s hard to hold up under such a beating of large hail.

There is a lot still standing tall but some aren’t.

Some plants I lost completely and some don’t even show any damage. It’s weird how that happens.

I had a lot work to do in the yard, now because of the hail there is more. Not to even mention the car windows, cause I don’t want too. Oh well, what can you do?


3 thoughts on “In the Garden…….Hail Storm

    1. Some plants are hanging on but I think they are done for this season. Others are trying make a come back, now Fall is here. So there is hope for next Spring.


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