FNwF’s Results

Had a busy weekend. Yesterday my DH and I took some time and toured this years homes in the Parade of Homes. Something we haven’t done in a few years.

 I decided to start a new afghan project. Though I love my choice of yarns I’m not sure I love the pattern I picked, What that means is I might be taking it apart and redoing it. Not because my stitches are bad but because I think there maybe a better way to work the pattern.

I have a I hook in this picture but I’m working with a size J hook. The J hook was what I learned with back when I was a little girl and still is the hook, I’m the most comfortable. I don’t worry about gauge; I just add more stitches and rows.

The problem with the pattern is that you need to carry the threads across. As you can see where the arrow is, the carry threads show. I just don’t like that. Aside from that little nick picker, I like the pattern. It’s called Falling Leaves and comes from the book A Year of Afghans Book 15 by Annis Clapp for Leisure Arts. It will be pretty for fall.

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11 thoughts on “FNwF’s Results

  1. Hi – Thank you for visiting my Joy Studio blog today. It looks like you are a very creative lady. I really enjoy finding like minded artists, sewers, etc. I took a little look around. I love your very organized creative space.

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  2. Your crochet is beautiful. The colours are lovely, especially for Fall and I can’t see the threads you mention in the photo. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays 🙂

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  3. Hello Theresa,
    Love the project you are working on, the variegated ball of wool looks like it would crochet up beautifully.

    Happy days.

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  4. It does look like a beautiful pattern in wonderful fall colors. I think it’s interesting about the hook size you prefer. I learned on handkerchief edgings with tiny hooks, but when I moved on to yarn, I chose and E hook, and it’s still my favorite. The style I chose then is still the one I prefer now, too!

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