FNSI Results

I was glad for some time last night to work on my cross stitch project Winter Queen by Mirabilia Designs. To be honest I haven’t worked on this in about 3 weeks. I’m either working on something else or it’s just too hot in the house.

Last night I finished filling in the areas with Whisper floss by Rainbow Gallery. Such a pretty thread but not so easy to work with.

I was able to start stitching some extended areas outside of where I’ve worked.

My thoughts on the Q-Snap. I am new to using this frame and I have to say, I’m liking it. It opens up the project to stitch without readjusting. I like the ease of loosening and tightening the tension. It doesn’t hold the fabric taunt but when working with linen, I think that’s a good thing. You don’t want your weave to get too stretched. Because of that I like my fabric to be a little loose/have some give. I’m glad I made the decision to buy the Q-Snap.

I’m going to try to give some attention to this project a little more over the weekend.

Hope everyone had a productive night.


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