Crochet…..Past Projects and One New

I’ve crocheted for over 36yrs.  I am self taught. I learned from watching my mom when I was very young. When ever she would sit to crochet, I would sit on the floor next to her chair and watch. When I was in the 5th grade she gave me one of her size J hooks and some yarn. I sat done with a book and began to learn.  My first project was a granny square afghan for my Grandma.

My mom didn’t have many crochet patterns. She created from memory.  I learned to do the same.  That doesn’t mean that I never use a pattern. I do. I can sometimes figure it out though.

Over the years I have made quite a bit of stuff. Like every thing else I give it away. For the longest time I didn’t make things for me but for others. This is the big reason I give it all away. There are a few I have kept. Most afghans. I love to make them.

I’ve had this blog for almost 4 yrs now (wow) and I haven’t shared my crochet with you. I had made plans to start. When Mdm Samm mentioned a link up, I knew it was time to stop procrastinating.

When I was 21 I made this cloak for Santa from a leaflet pattern. He has been part of my Christmas decor for a lot of years. The pattern is called Old St. Nick by Fibre Craft.

These afghans I made for my sweet pies before they were born.  I still have the pattern for these. It’s called Beary Sweet Baby Afghans.

Baby Afghan #1

This afghan was crocheted on the diagonal.

Baby Afghan #2

These two afghans I made for my oldest sweet pie and the other for sister-in-law.  I no longer have the patterns for these. I remember them being in a book but don’t remember the book. I did however found a link to a free pattern for the puzzle afghan on Lion Brand Yarns. For the basket weave I’ll have to do some more research and if I can find the exact pattern.

First my sweet pie’s afghan. I made this around 10 yrs ago.

This afghan was done in the single crochet.

Here is the one I made for my s-i-l around the same time I made the one above. I loved this afghan so much I ended up keeping it. It’s a basket weave.

Now here is what I made the last week. I found this as a pin on pinterest. That led me to a blog called lulu loves. The blogger Em, didn’t have the link to the pattern. I really wanted to make these coasters so I just figured it out.

I really wanted to find the pattern for you, after making these.  The original pattern is suppose date back to 1893.  I couldn’t find  on-line that pattern but I did find a tutorial that is very similar to what I have done. The number of stitches in my shells are different and so is the starting chain center.  But, still a flower.

This is really easy pattern. Great for a beginner.

I added the SS edge to the coasters. I just thought they needed something more.

My favorite coffee mug.

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6 thoughts on “Crochet…..Past Projects and One New

  1. Oh, what fun! Those are such great pieces. I love your Santa. I used to find it so soothing to sit and do one particular afghan stitch – it’s just alternating single double all the way and going back you put single in the double and double in the single. It makes a lovely popcorn stitch. I made lots of them over the years, but the repetitive motion bothers my arm now, so I try to resist making them. This post makes it so tempting. =) Maybe just a wee little pot holder? =)

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  2. wellllll well this is the most delightful post and I love every thing you have crochet Theresa….the puzzle one delightful, the weave love it…and those coasters are divine….ohhh you so inspire me….so inspire me…so inspire me lol

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