FNwF’s Results

Had a busy weekend. Yesterday my DH and I took some time and toured this years homes in the Parade of Homes. Something we haven’t done in a few years.

 I decided to start a new afghan project. Though I love my choice of yarns I’m not sure I love the pattern I picked, What that means is I might be taking it apart and redoing it. Not because my stitches are bad but because I think there maybe a better way to work the pattern.

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Crochet…..Past Projects and One New

I’ve crocheted for over 36yrs.  I am self taught. I learned from watching my mom when I was very young. When ever she would sit to crochet, I would sit on the floor next to her chair and watch. When I was in the 5th grade she gave me one of her size J hooks and some yarn. I sat done with a book and began to learn.  My first project was a granny square afghan for my Grandma.

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