Are you a Nut… in Peanut

Are you a Nut….as in Peanut….what would you look like?

While taking some time to catch up on some blog reading today I came across this question on Mdm Samm’s blog Sew We Quilt. The idea behind this question is what if the Peanuts director calls and says “We want you in are next Peanut Movie, send us your portfolio ….” what would you look like?

So going the Get Peanutized link I built a Peanuts character I think represents my “Prim Girl” self.

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FNSI Results

I was glad for some time last night to work on my cross stitch project Winter Queen by Mirabilia Designs. To be honest I haven’t worked on this in about 3 weeks. I’m either working on something else or it’s just too hot in the house.

Last night I finished filling in the areas with Whisper floss by Rainbow Gallery. Such a pretty thread but not so easy to work with.

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FNwF’s Results

Had a busy weekend. Yesterday my DH and I took some time and toured this years homes in the Parade of Homes. Something we haven’t done in a few years.

 I decided to start a new afghan project. Though I love my choice of yarns I’m not sure I love the pattern I picked, What that means is I might be taking it apart and redoing it. Not because my stitches are bad but because I think there maybe a better way to work the pattern.

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Crochet…..Past Projects and One New

I’ve crocheted for over 36yrs.  I am self taught. I learned from watching my mom when I was very young. When ever she would sit to crochet, I would sit on the floor next to her chair and watch. When I was in the 5th grade she gave me one of her size J hooks and some yarn. I sat done with a book and began to learn.  My first project was a granny square afghan for my Grandma.

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Slow Sunday Stitching

Joining Kathy and the all the wonderful stitchn’ lovelies today for:

Last Sunday I worked on the Baltimore Halloween block. Today I’m back working to stitching the Winter Queen. I had took some time off while waiting for the Q-Snap I ordered to arrive. Like I mention before I’m in a place where I need to expand and I didn’t want to trap my stitches in the edges of my hoop. Never really liked doing that. I was hoping that the Q-Snap frame would work better on this larger project. So I ordered the 11×17 frame along with some extenders.

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