Quilt Qwazy Queens…My Day

Looking back, from the time I started quilting, I can’t really say I’ve made something really crazy. Unless you count the time I made a fish head costume for my son. I wish I had pictures of that, lol. But, that was not a ‘quilting’ thing anyway.

I do want to share with you my first and last attempt at needle turn applique.

I’m not sure when exactly I made this but I do know it was over 10yrs ago. I loved applique and I had this crazy idea that I had to do it by needle turn. That to be a good applique’r it had to be done by needle turn. Honestly, not only did I suck at it but I hated it. I found it so frustrating.

Now some of you might be thinking I’m being hard on myself.  That everybody isn’t that good at it at first. The thing is, I didn’t and still don’t like turning the fabric by needle.

Once I could convince myself it was okay to applique by using a different method. Let go of that crazy idea that to be an applique’r  I had to do it by needle turn. Than I begin to get better at my applique stitch.

As you can here I’m missing the last leaf. I was so annoyed that I didn’t even want to finish. I don’t remember what book this came from cause I got rid of the book. I didn’t want anything to do with needleturn. Another crazy thing is, I still have all the fabrics used for this block in my stash.

I did later take several classes using freezer paper and the press-n-starch method.  I do adore hand applique and press-n-starch is my preferred method. I love it. My edges are always smooth. 😀

Thanks Marian of Seams to be Sew for hosting. Please visit her to enter into a giveaway for a $35 certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Here is the list of today’s Quilt Qwazy Queens lineup:

March 19, 2019
Bumbleberry Stitches

Kathy’s Kwilts and More

Ms. P. Designs USA

Quilt Schmilt

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs


46 thoughts on “Quilt Qwazy Queens…My Day

  1. I did send you a note the other day but since my name is not here I don’t know if it went thru. Needle turn is something I learned in my beginners class 40yr ago. You chose a difficult 1st time pattern. The most important lesson I learned from a much more experienced quilter who loved applique was…practice,practice,practice. 30min/day finishes the quilt. She also hand quilted all her gorgeous quilts. She made several every year, just 30-60min/day. She was right, the more you do it, the more natural it feels.

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  2. I tried to learn needle turn applique. It was one of the few classes I ever took. Although I had a good and patient instructor, I did not enjoy the class. I made one block. I have no idea where that block is now. Buried somewhere in a closet and I am not going to go look for it. I did go on to learn to enjoy other forms of applique. I went on to learn that what works for others does not have to work for me. I will enjoy looking at their work. Thanks for sharing in the hop … 🙂 Pat

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  3. Much like you I’m not a fan of needle turn either. That is all my grandmother did and her projects were absolutely gorgeous! Missing that wonderful lady, and wishing I could share so much of today’s quilting world with her!

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  4. Glad you did not give up on applique all together! Some quilting or crafting ways and ideas are for everyone, so glad there is always another way to do the same thing.

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  5. I go through phases, some months are pedal to the metal. But now summer is coming up and I’ll be craving some handwork to do outside on the deck. As long as we’re learning and growing all is good!

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  6. I don’t like needle turn applique. I admire it, but never got the hang of it. I much prefer fusing and using a button hole stitch for applique. It isn’t as pretty or elegant, but I am happy with it.

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  7. You, my dear friend, made my day. I love applique, but dislike needle turn intensely. While I don’t do hand applique, it’s not because I hate doing it, but because my wrist just can’t take all the strain, so I use blind stitch machine applique or blanket stitch. I still love to turn my fabric tho as I believe that really gives the nicest applique look and I have stopped using the glue stitch opting for the starch method also. … I never realized we had that in common. 🙂 So glad you participated in QQQ 2019 this year Theresa, it’a always so nice to see you.

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  8. I’m with you … not sure I enjoy/do well with needle turn applique! Prefer fuse it & machine edge stitch it in place. Thanks for sharing & an opportunity for a giveaway.

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  9. I did one needle-turn applique project that I designed. It will also be my last one…it looks all right, but I despise hand work! Now all my applique is fusible with either quilting or machine blanket stitching to hold it down!!

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  10. Isn’t it funny how fabric you associate with a project you aren’t happy with never gets used? I have a few pieces in my stash that just never seem just right for any projects! I myself
    Ike your “unfinished” needle turn appliqué. We all need at least one of those around. Too bad you couldn’t share the fish head costume. My mind is busy trying to imagine it.

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  11. Thank you for sharing today. This is how we learn weather we like or dislike something. If we want to change how it is done or give it up all together. I am glad you stuck with it and have found a method that works for you. I am just starting to learn applique. My sewing machine seems to have a backwards blanket stitch, so I am going to try it by hand.

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  12. Oh how I have to laugh. I have tried needle turn myself and hate it. I think it’s because I want instant gratification. LOL!
    That being said freezer paper and starch does make the process much easier, but I’m still a raw edge applique kind of girl! I have a paper piecing project that irritate me just as much though, and I threw that book away too. I love paper piecing now. Guess I shouldn’t act in the heat of the moment some days!

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