T’was the Night Before Christmas Blog Hop

Guess what we got today (Nov. 11)? Snow!! It’s our first snow day. It wasn’t just snow from over night but it also snowed all day. It was a really light, wet snow. Very nice.
So I took my pictures again outside. It made for very lovely pictures.
So first up is what I received from Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

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Flags On A Stick….Blog Hop

Hey there! Welcome to another great blog hop. As always thanks to Mdm. Sam of Sew We Quilt for hosting this and to Thearica of Pig Tales and Quilts our cheerleader.

Also to our sponsors:

Flags On A Stick


Flag Outlet

It was fun putting together my project for this hop. I choose an idea that I thought would be liked by my husband and me. I don’t know what he thinks cause well….I haven’t asked yet. So here it is.

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Wake Up to Kona……My Day

Thanks to Mdm Samm ofSew We Quilt and Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

Also to:

Amanda Murphy

Robert Kaufman


I have admit this is the first modern quilt I’ve ever made.  I did do things a little different. I didn’t sew blocks together but instead I cut out one complete piece of fabric to the size wanted. It ended up being 64″ long and whatever the bolt width was. I drew out the squares (with a ruler of course) to the size of 7 1/2″ then I cut out the centers. I used starch and press to turn the edges under. Then I resized the center squares to 3 1/2″ and turned the edges under as well. I tried out different arrangements on the background till I liked what I had. Continue reading “Wake Up to Kona……My Day”