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 sbutton1_zpsc2868dd7Hey there! Welcome to another wonderful blog hop. Thanks Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt and Pauline of Quilt n’ Queen for all their hard work.

Also to our awesome sponsor DMC Threads.

In deciding which SuperPower to reveal (I have a few….lol), I decided that I should focus on my love and ability to stitch. I learned to embroidery actually from watching my mom. She didn’t teach though me, I guess she didn’t have the patience. I ask too many questions. When I was around 19-20 I decided to teach myself to cross stitch. My very first project was one of those little $1 cross stitch kits. This was my second project:



I still have it after all these years and notice it’s not finished, lol. It will probably never get finished. That is because I’m the Queen of unfinished projects. I guess that isn’t one of my SuperPowers. I’ve been working hard to change that.

Anyway during those 20′ something years I began to build my stash of DMC threads.


The pink container was the first and out grew that.


So now on to my project. I decided make an embroidery wall hanging and I used a pattern transfer from Aunt Martha. My mom always used iron transfers. I found the perfect design that I think represents me.


I’ve been a dreamer most of my life. (another SuperPower) One of my dreams has always been to work from home. I’ve wanted to since I was a teenager. I used to hold yard sales when I was still was in middle school. I sold my first craft project during those years.

I let a lot of family discourage me over the years.  But, about 10yrs ago I decided I was just going to do it anyway. I tried to sell at craft shows but didn’t have much luck. I came up with the name Bumbleberry Stitches back in 2004. I purchased my .com some years later. It’s been a long…and extremely slow journey. There’s much more to this story but I stop there.

So here is my project I feel represents my Super Powers:


I used all scraps from my fabric stash. It was fun adding new ribbons, lace, and buttons to my existing stash. I paper pieced the crazy quilt design from a block in EQ7.


Yes, the bumblebee is a symbol of me and all my abilities. He is the ultimate at home worker. He anatomically shouldn’t be able to fly but does cause he expands his wings out in such a way that allows him too.


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APRIL 14th

Bumbleberry Stitches ……that’s me 🙂
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43 thoughts on “What Is Your SuperPower Blog Hop

  1. A perfect blend of embroidery and quilting to represent YOU, Theresa. Love the choice of black and white fabrics to complement the stitchery elements.


  2. So pretty! I’d love to be able to work from home stitching all day too. Now I work at home babysitting preschoolers…I’m home, but not able to spend my time stitching. Maybe someday.


  3. I love it. I may have to copy. My sister loves bee stuff. I also have superpowers in unfinished projects. This one I just might finish. Beautiful work.


  4. I love the polar bears, do you know the name of the pattern for it? My aunt owns an ice cream parlor/soda shop that that motif would fit in perfectly! And I totally sympathize with the desire to stay home and work, I feel ya. Thank you for sharing, you are definitely a Super Stitcher!


  5. Your wall hanging is awesome and so is your stitching. I’m so glad you stuck with your dream. I can relate in so many ways. At one point I thought you might be writing about me! lol. Thanks for sharing your projects and your story.


  6. I really like the way you used black and neutral fabric colors on your crazy quilt and the embellishments made it pop! You found the perfect design and stitched it beautifully!


  7. Beautiful stitchery. Love the border too. Good for you that you decided not to be discouraged by family, and are trying your own thing. Spread your wings like the bumble bee.


  8. What a beautiful piece of stitchery. You are very talented and I am impressed that you pulled things from your stash to use. Your palette is one I am noodling around in my head right now. I have a focal fabric–ivory with tea cups–and a couple of coordinates. Still noodling, still noodling. I like your crazy patch approach and I may start at the center and work OUT, like you did.


  9. Ohhhh I love it! You sound so much like me. I’m always thinking of ways to make money on my creations. *sigh* This is a WONDERFUL wall hanging. Thank you for sharing with us today. 🙂


  10. Theresa…I luv your wall hanging…I’m a busy bee and a home body too. I have the same iron on transfer waiting for me to embroider…after seeing yours, I want to start NOW but I have to wait and finish some of my UFO’s before I start another one. Thanks for the inspiration!! Happy stitching, Pauline


  11. Your wall hanging is so beautiful and I love the saying on it…exactly how I feel! I love the colors and fabrics you chose to create this little masterpiece. Nice job!


  12. How beautiful and perfect for you! I also claim the humble bee as my symbol. You did a beautiful job on this. I’m so glad you didn’t let your family discourage you!


  13. Very pretty project! I really like your iron on design and the organization you have with all your threads … I only have two such cases but am impressed with your thread stash!


  14. Sew very cute. Cross stitch was one of my first crafts and I love your boxes full of DMC floss. I only have two of those. It’s hard to resist buying it, isn’t it?


  15. When I started cross stitching eons ago, I bought those floss bags and 4 of each color DMC made. I had quite the floss stash after a good while… because 4 of each color grew to a bag full of each color. lol

    LOVE your crazy quilt piece!


  16. You just helped me identify another superpower for myself, because I feel the same way about my home and working from it. Your stitchery and crazy-quilt are really beautiful, and I’m jealous of your floss stash!


  17. I just love this….and I love the quilt part and the stitching …your threads are a lovely way to display and what a grand idea to organize…another one of your superpowers no less


  18. Lovely stitchery….just love that crazy quilting. Super that you followed/continue to follow your dreams…thanks for the inspiration. Great post!


  19. I love your project! I have that same pattern set but haven’t used it yet. I love the Crazy Quilting idea! I will have to try that! Thank you for the inspiration!
    xo jan


  20. A great wall hanging! You are a superb stitcher. I love the little quilt and your story. They certainly are in the same vein. Thank you for participating, sharing your story, sharing your quilt, and being a great inspiration to follow our dreams.


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