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Hi there! Summer has gone by so fast and there is still so much left to do. I have to finish painting my house, there’s the back splash in the kitchen that needs to get done, and the kitchen cabinet doors that need to be stained. With school starting back and my job, I’m trying not to stress.

To be honest I don’t spend much time sewing. Summer for me means lots of home projects. So coming up with things that I’ve done over the Summer isn’t really that hard. Deciding what to share is. I’ve picked two projects that I completed and I managed to get a sewing project in there as well. Because this hop is about gingham and that’s because gingham does really matter. 🙂

My first project took most of the summer to do. It started with a plant I bought back in May, a Wondering Jew. It was very tiny but over the Summer I kept taking little starters from the plant and it didn’t take long till my little plant really took off. 

Here it is after transplanting after bringing it home from the store….


Here is some of the starters….


and here it is after a Summer doing this several times.



My second project was another one that took time over the Summer to get together. A sweet friend and I decided that we wanted to learn to make jelly. We looked over Taste Of Home’s Canning magazine and their website for recipes. Because neither one of us had ever canned before we also had to buy supplies. That’s an investment! So we slowly bought supplies over the summer. We were originally going to make jelly together but we ended up on our own. Instead we decided to exchange with each other.

Can you guess which one is the one I made? 🙂


She made Strawberry jelly and I accidentally made Cherry/Pomegranate jelly. (I thought I was buying Cranberry juice, lol).

Hmmmmm….they were soooo goood!!…..


…….and our families think so too.

Now for the gingham project. Since gingham does matter, I wanted to make something that matters to me too. I love to make prim dolls. So I made a doll. One that I’ve been wanting to make for some time now. She comes from a pattern designed by The Craftaholic Creations.



To go with her I also made to home made laundry soap. Another project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

 The jar I found at a thrift store. I did a little stenciling on it with chalk paint and glass paint.

Here’s what I used. I got the formula from the blog The Happy Money Saver.


She used a food processor to finely grate the Fel-Naptha. I don’t have one but I did have an old blender. I certainly didn’t want to use my new one. Ewww. You don’t have to use a blender though, the bar of soap is rather hard so it grates up fine texture. Using a blender or a food processor makes it a powder. A word of caution, if you try this keep the lid to the blender on the whole time. When you do take the lid off do it outside cause there will be a powdery puff coming out.


Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks also to Mdm. Samm and Shari.

Have a wonderful day of hopping!



79 thoughts on “See You In September

  1. Wow, Theresa–you are really stretching yourself with the new to you projects. Jelly making, making laundry soap and tackling that Wandering Jew. I used to have one of those, LOL—note the past tense!Love the doll and its cute little face. Your jelly story reminds me of the time I was making Thanksgiving dinner for the first time for family and a few friends. Yep, I thought I was making cranberry relish salad only to discover, way after the fact and when the dish was being served, that I had bought frozen cherries of cranberries!! It was tasty but not what I intended. Someone remarked about the size of the berries–big tip off.


  2. I love your doll, her face is so expressive.Be careful-jam making can be addictive-I am in my 40th year of jam making. Love the homemake laundry soap. Gotta give that a try.


  3. What great summer projects! I too worked on plant starters, but not to the extent you did, and yours turned out great! I appreciate the jelly too, also the picking up a different juice than you were actually going for. Thank you for sharing your doll, I love her curls.~Brandy


  4. My goodness you have been busy! I love the jar. I do love jam too, and canning. I should be canning tomatoes, but it's not going to happen. That's neat that you tackled learning it! And your doll is adorbs.


  5. Your jelly looks yummy. I received a jar of jelly today from a friend. It must be a fun project. I wish I had a green thumb and knew how to get shoots from plants. My place would look a lot better with a little green.Your doll is precious. She is just so perfect in every way. Will she be a gift or is she staying with you? What a fun project.


  6. You have had a very productive summer. Such a cute doll. Homemade jelly is great and you probably invented a new flavor!


  7. Your doll is precious. I remember all the canned goods my grandmother made. I hope to have the time to do that one day. I grew and canned pickles last year. That was exciting. I need to retire so I can work more 🙂


  8. Hi Theresa! Thanks for your post. I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the sweet little doll and the soap in the hand decorated jar. So nice! We went back to school August 5th! Talk about a short summer 🙂


  9. I've never canned anything but I enjoy making jam, yours looks delicious. Cute doll, I really miss sewing for girls. I have two grandsons.


  10. Oh, I am in love with that little girl…what a great job…all the details really shine on her…I too love the Gingham…and your use of it was so cute! I could almost taste that jelly…Good for you for doing something new and for accomplishing so much during the summer!!!!


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