31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Days…Catching Up

I saw this challenge a few days ago. I’ve given it some consideration and decided to go for it. Since I’ve taken a break from blogging, I’ve had some trouble getting back to it. The last few years I’ve become the blog hop girl. lol Not that it’s a bad thing. But, I really would like to be blogging at a consistent pace. Maybe this could be the thing that gets me going. We’ll see.

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Are you a Nut…..as in Peanut

Are you a Nut….as in Peanut….what would you look like?

While taking some time to catch up on some blog reading today I came across this question on Mdm Samm’s blog Sew We Quilt. The idea behind this question is what if the Peanuts director calls and says “We want you in are next Peanut Movie, send us your portfolio ….” what would you look like?

So going the Get Peanutized link I built a Peanuts character I think represents my “Prim Girl” self.

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Blog It Saturday & Initial Heart Swap


 Thearica over at Stitch and Quilt hosts a Blog It Saturday in which each Saturday she picks a topic to blog about, then you write up a post on that topic and link that post up. I think it’s a great idea. Today’s topic is our Valentine’s gifts. This could be any gift, even ones’ we buy for ourselves. (lol……you know we do!) So if you don’t have a Valentine you can still join in.

I Have a Winner!


First before I announce the winner I want to thank everyone who visited my blog during the April Showers Blog Hop. I received 141 lovely, wonder comments. Every time I participate in a hop it’s always amazing to me how wonderful everyone is. I do read every comment and your words of encouragement always warm my heart. So again, thank you!

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