Friday Night Sew-In Results

How I love applique, let me count the ways……..

When it comes to quilting/sewing it’s no secret, I love applique and embroidery. When I first started quilting (over 10 years ago) applique was my main reason. I love it and one thing is for sure, what ever we do in life and want to it do well, we have to love it. That drives us to spend the time we need to learn to do it well. If we don’t love it, we don’t spend the time and we only do it okay, if we are lucky.

One of my New Year’s resolutions/goals is to learn new techniques and conquer piecing. So I have to decide to love piecing or at least take a strong interest in it. About 3 or 4 years ago I made a pieced quilt top in a class at my local quilt shop from a pattern by Eleanor Burns called Lovers Knot. That actually turned out great. I haven’t been able to catch that luck again. Since that time I’ve only dabbled with piecing.

Here’s that quilt:


So, this year is a new year for of possibilities. I’ve already started piecing this year. A few weeks ago I attempted a block from another on-line BOM. See that post here. My block ended up smaller than the required size. I made that block 3 times too. Couldn’t figure it out.

Last night I started off with good intentions, but like all good things, that came to an end quickly. I don’t know why but I can’t sew squares. They move and sift on me. Pinning doesn’t seem to remedy this problem. I’ve decided I need to learn the math of piecing. These wonderful patterns that want you to cut exactly the size doesn’t work for me. I need to be able to cut larger and than square up.  Right now it seems to me too much work but if I want to add pieced blocks to my applique quilts than I really need to figure it out. Foundation piecing is also an option but still requires work to adjust a pattern.

So I’m at a hmmmm….. for right now.

This is as far as I got last night. I decided it was too late to stress over it. I’m going to try to work on it over the weekend some time.

I worked on a Row-Along by Bee In My Bonnet  and she has a Flicker group to. Se’s pretty far along in the rows. I’ve been wanting to get started on this for a while now. I’m gong to do my best to catch up.

This is row 1. The first 2 squares I got almost perfect. The rest are either ok or really wonked. I measured four times not twice.?


A closer look at the worst ones.


The worst one.


Don’t get me wrong though, I am optimistic. When it comes to sewing other things like prim dolls for example, I’m pretty good. It’s just this piecing thing. I’m determined I’ll get it. It will be fun to see where I’m at with piecing by the end of this year.


I’m participating in the Dare to Dresden blog hop. Monday is my day to blog. The hop started on the 24th. If you have time the full schedule is on our cheerleader Christine’s blog Quilt Monster .



2 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-In Results

  1. I just love that spiral block. I must try that. I too am keen on appliqué and tried some new pieced blocks in my 12days of Christmas runner. I can see you have uneven squares. Why, I can’t see. I cut a strip then cut squares off the strip. When I sew with my 1/4 inch foot the edge of the fabric is just out of sight under the edge of the foot so it is a fraction less than 1/4 inch. If you have a lot of seams on 1/4 or just over the finished block ends up too small. To press or not to press is another issue. I usually press as I go with a shot of steam. The slight roll in any seam takes away from the size. I haven’t made lots of different blocks but I have noticed that practice definitely helps. Good luck. I will follow your progress 🙂


    1. That’s interesting that being on the 1/4 makes the piece to small. Makes sense though. That it would make the block too small, the 1/4 along with also pressing. Thanks so much for your advice. 🙂


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