FNWF’s Result’s & Valentine Swap Gift

I got a late start last night but I decided to continue working on the past project I started for FNSI. For those who read that post know the trouble I had. I took those blocks I’d sown apart, remeasured, and resown. When I got to the end my 2 1/2″ square patches didn’t measure 2 1/2″. I was so frustrated that I just threw them out. Don’t have pictures of that. LOL

So I re-cut my squares and started over. This is as far as I got.

Before sewing I’m making sure I’m pinning these pieces good! So far it seems to be going better. I’ll know it worked when I get to the step where I cut to make the 2 1/2′ square blocks. I’m sooooo ready to be past this row.


Onto more fabulous news, I received my Valentines swap gift! My Valentine was Donna @donnaslavendernest!! She has such a sweet blog and what a sweet lady. Just take a look at the lovely things she sent!!

Thank you soooo…..much Donna!! I just love everything you sent!!! My gifts came wrapped in lavender tissue paper tied in lavender/white string. I’d had a stressful day so finding these wonderful gifts in my mailbox was just soooo…..Fabulous!!


Just finished sewing the pieces together guess what? Doesn’t measure right. Now the question is: After spending so much time on this double checking everything 4 times, at what point do you just throw in the seam ripper? Grrrr…….

5 thoughts on “FNWF’s Result’s & Valentine Swap Gift

  1. Theresa, I love all the Valentine goodies you sent! The pillow is beautiful and the postcard is so pretty I'm going to get a stand for it. I love all the other gifts you sent….I don't have your email but I posted on my blog about it. Thank you so much!!!! and Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Thanks! No, I have tried everything. I've even strayed from her tutorial and cut strips instead of squares. Just when I get down to cutting the four patch it goes all wonked. She recommends the Angler template, I might give it one more try with that but if still I can't it, then I'm done. I'll assume piecing isn't for me and just stick with my applique and learn more about paper piecing. That was fun!


  3. What a great Valentine's package. Seems a shame to give up on your squares. You sure you can't fudge something somewhere?


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