A Year of Lovely Finishes……..February Goals

 Well, I didn’t make a finish for January so I’m trying again for February. 

One thing I realized last month is that I’m not the best hand quilter. Not that I didn’t already have a clue but I’ve never finished a quilt this size with hand quilting. Those between needles are just too tiny to hold and I just can’t rock the needle. (You know, I don’t really remember my mom or my grandmothers rocking the needle. Hmmm) Oh well, I am making progress and I have confidence that I will have a finish for February.

I think while I am getting this done, I’m going to work on my Halloween Baltimore as well. This BOM I’ve had in my UFO’s for over 3 years. (Just a guess, been so long I don’t remember.) lol
So here are my goals:
    • Finish hand quilting and bind my Celtic Hearts project
  • Get the bats block appliqued down and prepare block five for applique
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