In The Garden…..Bell Peppers & A Tomato

Hey there! Today I want to share with you my peppers. Now these were not started from seed but were bought last month at a home improvement store. In my attempt to learn more about growing vegetables I thought I would cover my bases. That way I’d have something to work with in case the seedlings didn’t make it. Not only did I buy peppers but tomatoes and cucumbers too. I share about them in future posts.

Anaheim Pepper, this little pepper has a funny curl.

Some lovely peppers happening. I’m just not sure when to know if they are ready.


Here is my Cayenne Pepper plant.

More lovely pepperness!

To give a peak of my tomatoes.

Sooo exciting.

Whether you grow vegetables or flowers,

in a container or garden bed,

make sure you play in your garden this week!