FNSI Results

Last night I worked on a cross stitch project that I started many FNwF’s/FNSI’s ago.  It’s a pattern called Winter Queen by Mirabilia.

I’ve done a small portion since that last sew in but I didn’t get very far last night because a bad thing happen. When I sat down to sew I noticed that somehow I ended up using two shades of white. I must have rapped both on the same card. Now I have to take out the wrong white and redo with the correct one. Grrrr……don’t ya just hate that! lol


What you see circled here is what I got done last night.  You can see by looking at the picture that the top white stitches are are not as bright as the bottom white. All that bright white has to come out. I’m using DMC Blanc and the bright white I accidentally used was DMC 5200.

So here is where I’m at so far. Next on to removing the rest. Oh, what a pain. I really love this pattern so I will just continue on. 



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