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itsforthebirds4_zps79f04b7aThanks goes out to Mdm Samm of Sew We Quilt and Mary of I Piece 2-Mary

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Well, today’s my day and it’s also the first day of the hop. Lots of pressure and I didn’t handle it well. lol 

So here’s the question. Have you ever had an idea in your mind and have it be fabulous, then have it totally bomb on you? Well, my vision for this crow just didn’t turn right. Since I’m on a budget because we a getting our house ready for sale, I couldn’t redo it. I just have to put it out there and close my eyes and wince. lol

So I here I go………


I made this crow with a pattern from Olde Homestead Barn. The pattern from Olde Homestead Barn is really a wonderful design. It’s really easy to make I just didn’t do well with it, I don’t think mine looks as good as the pattern. But my boys say it smells really great of spices and coffee. They wanted me to tell you that the great smells count for something. lol

Thanks for stopping by. Here is today’s list. There are so much talent out there and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody’s projects. I promise my next blog hop project will be so much better!

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Tuesday, May 7


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