FNwFs Results

Last night I decided to work on organizing my fabric stash. I have been putting this off for a while now. Earlier this week I rearranged my sewing room so I was feeling a little motivated.

A while back I had searched on-line for ideas to organize but stash. I came across this website called The Little Green Bean. She organized her fabric with form board.  She has a tutorial here.

Here’s how I did mine.

My form boards are 20×30″, I don’t know if that is standard size. I’m sure it probably is.

I just cut the boards lengthwise down in 7.5″ sections with a rotary cutter. You want to use a old blade for this. I didn’t mark anything out, just cut it like I would fabric.

That gave me four 20×7.5″ sections.

Than I cut those sections in half. That gave me a total of eight 10 x 7.5″ boards from the four sections.

From five forms boards I got a total of forty 10 x 7.5″ small boards to wrap fabric around.

Here’s what I started with….

…..and here is as far as I got:

I definitely need more foam board!

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  1. well colour me WOW…this looks great….you can come and visit anytime….we will chat how you did all this lol


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