FNSI Results

Last month I enrolled to take part in a 6-month BOM at my local quilt shop.  It’s a really cute quilt called Honeybee Lane designed by The Quilt Company.  I just love this pattern!  It is the cutest!! It’s like it was made for me!

We have to opportunity to work on our block at the shop or take it home. I worked on mine last Sunday at home after picking it up the day before. I’m not much of a piece’r but I found this block to be easy. Even with that, I still didn’t get it finished, so I decided would work on it some more for FNSI.

So here is the block after last Sunday night…..

…..and here is as far as I got after Friday night.

It’s it the cutest? I still need to finish up the embroidery for the bee, the pincushion, and the patch.

The beehive pieces are flannel and so are the applique.  All the applique parts were fused and machine sewn down.  I don’t care much for raw edge so the pincushion, door, and patch have the edges turned under.  The other parts are raw edge and I plan on using embroidery to cover the raw edges. I think the bee looks cute with the frayed edges so I’ll leave him fuzzy. I even rubbed to edges to make him fuzzier.

I’m having so much fun with this block. Just can’t wait for the next one!

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7 thoughts on “FNSI Results

  1. Oh, I love Honey Bee Lane! It’s fun to see somebody working on it. That pattern company has a lot of great quilts. I need to finish the fmq work on my “Sew Spooky”. I’m getting antsy for the projects that have priority to hurry up and work their way through so I can get back to that.

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  2. Now I’m just jealous that I didn’t get to do that project with a group of friends. Thanks for the link. I went to the site to look at all the patterns, and they are terrific. I’ll have to scroll back and see others you’ve done, if they are pictured. I am interested in knowing if you found applique with flannel tricky. The weave seems lose enough that it might be? Great looking block, and you did it pretty fast, I think.

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    1. I’ve done needle turn with flannel before and it can be tricky. This pattern is using raw edge which isn’t too tricky, it’s just not my favorite. I’m not a big fan of raw edge unless I’m working with wool. That’s why I turned under the edges of a few pieces. The needle, bee, and the top of the pin cushion was a little more fussy than I wanted to deal with. I just left those raw edge. Going to cover the edges with embroidery. This block does go together fast.


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