Goals For 2016

Every new year I do make goals. Now sticking with them, that’s another thing. I did make some goals for 2016. So coming across Yvonne’s Goal Planning Link Party at her blog Quilting JetGirl , I decided to write a post and link up.

  1. Finish up my UFO’s and BOM’s. I’ve had unfinished projects lying around for too long.
  2. Learn to machine quilt…..better. I think I have the basic knowledge but I really need to focus on technique.
  3. Learn to sew clothes. Something I just want to do.
  4. Expand my gardening knowledge and skills. I really want to get my yard into shape and to learn to grow my own food.
  5. Build a better Etsy store. It’s time to get it working.
  6. To do more cooking. Along with that getting everybody to eat at the table. I’m so tired of around the TV eating. Ugh….
  7. Get our home DIY projects completed. Okay, get my husband to finish our home DIY projects. Wish me luck. lol
  8. Exercise. The hardest one of all. 🙂
  9. Learn to play my piano. Even if it’s Twinkle Little Star, it would justify me keeping my piano beauty.
  10. Couldn’t come up with one more.     Just couldn’t make it an even ten. Isn’t that sad 😦 lol


4 thoughts on “Goals For 2016

  1. It’s not sad to have less than 10 goals! I think that having a smaller number of goals and resolutions for a year makes it easier to focus and achieve the full list. Thank you so much for linking up and I wish you a joyous 2016 as you work to cross these items off your list. 🙂

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