Coach Lights Makeover

About a couple of months ago I took down our coach lights and gave them a makeover. I have a ton of projects it feels like going on so I was finally able to get them spray painted and hung back up a few weeks ago. They are still in great working order but were looking rather worn, so a little makeover was all they needed. So I gave them a good cleaning, then used painters tape and some newspaper to cover the glass.



First I sprayed them with the Hammered Metal.

 As lovely as that was, I wasn’t exactly happy with the look.

So, then I gave them a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze in Metallic Metal (2 coats to be exact).

Finally, a look that I loved. Great thing was the Oil Rubbed Bronze looks wonderful with the house paint color.


I than gave them 2 or 3 (I don’t remember exactly) of clear coat as a protective sealer.  What do ya think? I think they look great and it was a whole lot cheaper than replacing them. Winter is coming (we might be getting a little snow on Saturday…Oh my!), so I’ll see at the end of the winter season just how well the new finish holds up.

So here it is, the before and after:

When working with spray paint make sure that you read, understand, and follow the manufacturers directions and warnings printed on the can. Always work in a well ventilated area and wear protective gear made specifically for spray painting projects.

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