In the Garden….Mid Week


This past Saturday I took a seed starting class. I took one last year even though I had some earlier experience in seed starting. No matter what I think I know, I can always learn something new. Taking gardening classes is a lot like sewing. The instructors have different knowledge levels and experiences. I want to learn from them. I’m always seeking to learn more.

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In the Garden…….

A few weeks ago, after some over night rain, I had a ton of birds in my yard. Most of them were hunting for the worms that come to the surface after a storm.


This little caught my attention. Not because he was different. He looked like all the other Robins in the yard. It was because he was the best at snagging worms. Continue reading “In the Garden…….”

In the Garden…….


Instead of posting pictures of lovely flowers, I thought I would show you what happen last Thursday night.

There was the most wonderful of electric storm that went on for about an hour. I tried to capture on video but I’m not quite good at that. You should have seen it. It was amazing. Than the sky opened up and hailed hail the size of golf balls. Some even larger.

The next morning woke up to this.

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In The Garden….What’s Still Bloom’n

Well, Fall is definitely here. Not much is still blooming but what’s in my containers.
Thought I’d show you what’s still Bloom’n.
My black petunias. They are really a very deep purple. I love still. I look for them every year. They are very hard to find. I noticed when they come in they’re in very small quantities. These are a striped version. Just lovely!

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In The Garden…..Peppers & A Tomato


Hey there! Today I want to share with you my peppers. Now these were not started from seed but were bought last month at a home improvement store. In my attempt to learn more about growing vegetables I thought I would cover my bases. That way I’d have something to work with in case the seedlings didn’t make it. Not only did I buy peppers but tomatoes and cucumbers too. I share about them in future posts. Continue reading “In The Garden…..Peppers & A Tomato”