Day 13-17 of 31 Days of Blog Writing….Catching Up Again

Day 14….Show us your fabric.

With the exception of a few piles of fabric and a tote of Edyta Sitar fabric this is pretty much it. I used to keep a stash but I found myself still going to the store and buying new. Because I don’t have much space for fabric anyway I scaled way down. What can fit in these two places is all I keep.

Day 15….Earliest sewing memory.

That would be when I learned to use the sewing machine in Home Ec class back in middle school. I made a stuffed frog from a pattern on the side of a bag of poly fil using scraps of fabric from my mom. I sold it 2 years later in a yard sale to make money for a concert. lol

Day 16….Why do I sew.

Simply because I enjoy it. I think that is all that is acquired to sew. 🙂 Skills come with time.

Day 17….Favorite “sewlebrity”.

Hands down, Edyta Sitar. I love everything she does. Patterns, fabric design, everything.

Thanks so much for visiting. Now I’m on to writing for Day 18. See ya then.