Day 9 of 31 Days of Blog Writing….Favorite Tip

I’ve learn several sewing and quilting tips over the last 20 yrs but my favorite on as of late come from my Bernina dealer.

I recently bought a new sewing machine after years of using a basic Viking/Huskavana. I didn’t switch from a Viking to a Bernina because I didn’t like my Viking. I still love my Viking. It has never given me any trouble. I’ve never taken it in for any reason. Not even cleaning. I do that myself. I switched cause I just wanted to. I like both brands of machines and I just wanted a Bernina, that simple.

Learning to sew on it has been a bit of a learning curve. My B570QE is more advance tech stuff compared to my basic Viking machine and sewing on it is different. One of my main problems was the tension. While sewing pieces longer than a 2″ square or using the embroidery designs on the machine, the thread kept being pulled down into the feed dogs. I tried all the suggestions everyone had to offer. I was so incredibly frustrated that I was starting to regret buying the machine. Than after many attempts to figure out what to do short of taking it in for maintenance, the problem was fixed.

I had made a visit to buy some fabric and again brought up the problem with the sales clerk at my LQS fortunately for me she knew the fix. I just needed to put a netted sock over the thread spool.

It was a simple fix that had big results. I had no idea what these netted socks that came with my Bernina were. I don’t need them for my Viking.

What happens with the Bernina is that the thread unravels a little to much and the sensors don’t pick that up and it causes the thread to get pulled down into the feed dogs. Putting a netted sock over the thread spool creates a more controlled unravel and that stops the looseness that will mess up the tension.

I can say know that I’m loving my Bernina now, so far. lol

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    1. Yeah, I get the operator errors. lol I have plenty of those too. That may be the reason mine needs the netted sock. I just bought my Bernina last year.


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