31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Days…Catching Up

I saw this challenge a few days ago. I’ve given it some consideration and decided to go for it. Since I’ve taken a break from blogging, I’ve had some trouble getting back to it. The last few years I’ve become the blog hop girl. lol Not that it’s a bad thing. But, I really would like to be blogging at a consistent pace. Maybe this could be the thing that gets me going. We’ll see.

Day 1: Introduction

My name is Theresa and I’ve blogged since 2012. I started a blog to support my online quilt shop that I started in 2009. I moved the online store to Etsy in 2012. Blogging became something so much more and personal. I’ve made some good blogger friends would continue to with or without a shop. I love it.

I am a quilter but I’m also a cross stitcher, embroider, crocheter, diy’er, and I just started a Flosstube channel about my love for cross stitch. I do talk a little about other stitchy things too but it’s most for cross stitch. If you love cross stitch, I invite you to check it out.

I first learned to crochet when I was around 10 yrs old. It was in 7th grade Home Ec class that I learned to sew on a machine. I made a stuffed frog from a pattern on a bag of poly stuffing and my mom’s fabric leftovers. I later sold it in a yard sale I had in the 9th grade to earn money for a Motley Crue concert. lol The lady who bought it had me sign it. Said just in case I become a designer someday she wanted to have the first thing I had ever made (Hmm….). I was around 19-21yrs old when I learned cross stitch and embroidery. I didn’t learn to quilt till about 20yrs ago.

Day 2: Sewing Space

My sewing space…well, that I have no more. My husband and I decided to finish our basement (which is where my space was) so all my sewing things had to be moved to the main floor. That meant scaling down. Finding room for everything was not going to happen. I have things in containers, boxes, and corners. lol

My sewing space is in the corner of my bedroom.

Not the best of lighting but it’s a place to sew.

My dining room table is now my cutting table.

Day 3: Sewing Machine

I have several but the ones I’m sewing on now are these.

Day 4: Favorite Tools

I love all my tools but I’d have to say my favorite is my rotary cutter. I’d take the house apart to find it if was lost. I just like using it. All I have to do is press and roll. I love that.

Day 5: First Project

This was my first cross stitch project. That was about 30yrs ago.

This was my first quilt/applique project. Total bomb. I never finished it. Probably never will. I might frame it though as a memory piece.

Day 6: Oldest UFO

After I attempted to make the above applique block I took an hand applique class and it became the oldest UFO that I have. A pattern from the book Prairie Flower: A Year on the Plains by Barbara Brackman.

Day 7: Dream Project

Simple. Some day I hope to make a Lone Star quilt.

Day 8: Skills I Wish I Had

Another simple answer. I wish I had to skills to make clothes. I made my boys Halloween costumes when they where little and boy was that blood, sweat, and tears. lol Sleeves and pant legs always have more fabric than the piece your trying to sew it onto. Ugh…

Costumes from Halloween 2001

Thanks so much for sticking with me as I got caught up. Here’s to the next 23 days. It will be interesting to see if I can do it. I’m sure going to give a good try.

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  1. Hi Theresa! Good job on catching up. So interesting, and I’m sorry you lost your dedicated sewing space. It looks like you are doing well with that corner of the bedroom. ~smile~ Roseanne

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