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February 7

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I’ve been trying to work from my stash when I can. My Valentines is one that I choose as a project to do this. Most times it works out for me but this one got me.

I barely had enough red. That was good cause I couldn’t find another red that was close to the one I was working with. It was a very close call.

Then came my borders. Oh, the borders.

I thought for some reason that I had more of the black in my stash. Well, turns out the fabric I had put away was a very dark blue. Not the black I was using. Arrr…..

It will be good though. I’m just going to have to look around to see if I can find more or something very close.

So my project is not finished, yet. I do love this pattern and how it turned out. It is a variation of a pattern I designed over 4 yrs ago. It is paper pieced.

It is going to be a tablerunner when I find the fabric for the borders.

I adorable diamond patterns. Fabric, tiles, ceramics, whatever.

It has a bit of joker card like feel. I love that!

Thanks so much for stopping by and to Carol for bringing the Blog Hopping back around. She is a sweet hostess. Thanks also to our sponsor Riley Blake. Be sure to visit Carol @Just Let Me Quilt to enter the drawing for a fat quarter bundle called “Kisses” by Doodlebug Designs. It’s sweet too.




30 thoughts on “Put a Little Love In Your Quilt Blog Hop

  1. Thank you for this interesting tablerunner. At first I thought you were going to make the card suits, after seeing your fab mug I understood.

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  2. Your project is lovely. Paper piecing is one of my favorite activities when there is time. Thanks for sharing your work and please keep us posted when it gets finished.

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  3. Really cute and I love that block with the chevron diamonds – adorable. Sorry you had so many hurdles but I’m proud that you work within your stash as much as you can. Happy Heart Day.

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  4. Thanks for sharing. Navy and black do look alike, indoors at least. 🙂 I like your table runner! Have a fun day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

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  5. Really like your table runner. It would look good with the diamonds from the cup as the border , and hearts as cornerstones. (I see the fabric at halloween time.)

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  6. I don’t like it when the blue pretends to be black…I’ve had that happen. I love, love, love the way this is going with the diamonds and hearts. It totally looks like a joker card! Thanks for sharing your project and hopping along with us! :O)

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  7. I love the pattern, it will be a wonderful table runner. Best part of these hops is that when something doesn’t get quite completed we all 100% understand cause we’ve been there done that. Looking forward to its finish. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. That table runner is cool! Love the design! We all encounter situations like yours, and we have to make do, don’t we? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me… Your runner will look great when it’s done. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. It IS going to be great when it’s finished! It’s looking pretty good, now! I love diamonds on quilts, too, yet I’ve only ever used them once, and they were scrappy strings. Thanks for sharing!

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