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It’s be a while since I’ve posted. I have a good excuse for that. I originally wanted to take a break over Christmas to give some thought of the direction wanted to take my blog. My plan was to do nothing but just think and work on the Wooly blocks, the ones from various Quilt Shops participating in the Wooly Block Adventure. Well, what happen was something totally different and what I needed. As a result, I didn’t get very far with those Wooly blocks.

At the beginning of December I was scrolling down the wall of one of the several decor groups I’m in on Facebook and come across a wonderful lady looking for Beta testers for her new decor class called ‘Design Your Home Like A Pro’.  Her name is Kate Hatherell.

So, I applied and was accepted. I then proceeded to spend 6 weeks, over Christmas and most of January, learning how to discover my own personal likes/dislikes in style and colors. This lead to a place where I learned style that is personal to me. This was really freeing cause I’m no longer bound to a designated style but one that is ‘me’.  Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and had lots moments of self discovery.

This was just the push I needed to begin the journey I’ve wanted to take with my blog. Don’t get me wrong. I Love sewing and quilting. I also Love decor too. I know some people believe that sewing should be sewing, food should be food, and decor should be decor when it come to blogs. The problem with that is, I’m not just about one thing. By showing that on my blog, I don’t want to lead to any confusion as to what my blog is about. So my hope is over time I can find a way to take my blog to a place that is a true representation of me while maintaining a clear focus of content.

With that said, leads to another thing. Over the years I haven’t always been a consistent blogger. That’s not because I didn’t want to be. I haven’t really been happy being a sewing blog only. Bringing in nonsewing content when you name is Bumbleberry Stitches is stressing. Of course there is always the option of changing the name but I like my name. I’ve had it for a very long time. I know I’m being stubborn here but I think it fits me.

and…..aside from blog names and while I’m on the subject of content that leads to writing.

Writing is really a challenge when your dyslexic. It takes me forever to sit down and write a post. This post I actually put off writing. I wanted to write it weeks ago. It’s hard to get excited to write when I know every post I write will have a least 10 revisions on the short.

There is the also self-confidence. I’m always thinking nobody really wants to read what I have to say, especially if it’s not about sewing. What will the decor world say, they aren’t always about sewing. But, the desire to create, share and learn from others truly out-ways those challenges. I have a ‘never give up’ spirit that pushes me forward regardless (and…along with the support a very sweet lady), even if I fail. This is why I still have a blog to begin with and why I’m been contemplating.

So, I’m going to push onward, looking forward to the years ahead. To see where I end up and where I don’t. I also look forward trying new things and expanding on the old loves. Even if this means I do fail.

I’m not leaving sewing behind but expanding, becoming more ‘me’. I hope you will be patient and stick with me. Not every post is going to be about sewing. Food, gardening, are just some of what I’d like to share and have already. Of course, my love for fabric and definitely more needled art projects and home sewing projects. But, I want decor and some diy to also become a part of my blog. Things that make a home a ‘home’ is where I have set my goals.

Today’s post has been more about where I’ve been the last few months and my thoughts for the future. It is probably the most I have ever written. So, I thank you for visiting today and taking the time to read though this.

As always,

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Just so you know I had 26 revisions of this post. Ha!

4 thoughts on “A Procrastinated Post

  1. I love those things too. My sewing/quilting always takes a backseat as soon as spring arrives and I can play in my garden. I hope you share all your new decorating ideas and tips. Maybe you can pass on what you recently learned. Thanks for sharing

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    1. I’m glad you stopped by and to hear you like the same things. I work on a tight budget so my decorating will be coming along slowly but I look for to sharing what I do. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. My blog was called Designs by Debbie and Dixie too. She was my yorkie whi crossed rainbow bridge back in 2012, thus the name change to Deb’s Rustic Quilting. I post about quilting and how my week has been. Other things I like to do like drawing with pastels, or whatever I like. I make my post only one day a week. I use my post instead if emailing all my friends and family individual emails. If they want to see what I’ve been up to, it’s all there, if they don’t, then they don’t have to. Posting everyday about nothing to me is a waste of time. I, personally, like reading blogposts that are a little bit of everything which is what you are proposing! I say good for you! I’m anxious to see how your new blog posts will be and I’m sure I’ll love it and continue to follow. There are teo I follow that you may like, From my Carolina Home. And Ann on Sutton Place. Check them out! You can see my blig at debbiedixieblog.blogpost.com

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    1. Sorry about your yorkie 😦 I agree and I so glad that your going to stick around. I hope I don’t disappoint. Those are two really great blogs you suggested and I’ll be making visit to yours soon. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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