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There are lots of things I’m nuts about. Goofy, Hello Kitty, gardening, star blocks, just to name a few. When deciding on a project for this hop, I went back and forth, then back again. I almost couldn’t do it. I was trying to make a quilt project but I couldn’t do it. The problem was…. when it comes to sewing projects, I’m a doll maker. I absolutely love-making dolls, prim ones to be exact. Now, I don’t do the scary ones. Trust me, there some scary primitive dolls. You may know what I’m talking about.  I can’t make those. I like pretty, cute dolls.

I’m Nuts About Prim Dolls!!


Here she is:

What I just love about Prim dolls is that I don’t have to be perfect. Imperfections add charm and character. I love that.

I made her a little quilt. A mini one. So I guess I was able to get a quilt project made for the hop. lol  It’s definitely not perfect and that’s okay.

She was made with a pattern from Oh Sew Dollin. Her hair is wool yarn.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks also to Marian of Seams to Be Sew and our sponsor Fat Quarter Shop.

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51 thoughts on “Nuts About ? Blog Hop

  1. The doll is A-dorable!!! How on earth did you get that wool to curl like that? Would LOVE to have it for my curly-headed granddaughter. (Aside: When anyone asks where she got those curls, her reply is “it came with the head”!)

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  2. I LOVE your doll! I like prim, too, and have a really cute wallhanging in my house. I should make a matching doll. One of these days. Thanks so much for sharing her adorableness!

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  3. oh my, your doll is sooo adorable. perfection is not what it is made to be. i love small imperfections in things i make. they make them “perfect” lol

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  4. WoW, I love this doll, she is absolutely adorable. I’ve always had a quiet love for Prim, whether it’s been artwork, or the dolls, or even just the design. I have always loved it. I’m sew happy you showed us this nutty side of you today..

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