Virtual Cookie Exchange 2015

When I first read about the hop I thought, how fun is that! Deciding on what cookie recipe to make was pretty easy. I don’t usually bake a lot. I have three types of cookies I make at Christmas time.  So not a lot of choices.

I’m not a big baker but I do it well regardless. I don’t know why. Things I don’t care for I do well and things I really love sometimes not so good. Weird!

The cookie I’m sharing with you is the Gingerbread Man cookie. I found this recipe in a magazine over 10 yrs. ago. I don’t remember the name of the magazine.

It’s not a very spicy cookie, that’s one of the things I love about it. Also, the original recipe had baking soda in it and I substituted it for baking powder. I’ve found from trying different recipes that baking soda makes them not only spread but a little too crispy for me. I like a soft cookie. I’ve left the vinegar in it even though I’m not using the baking soda. For those who don’t know baking soda in recipes need an acid to start the chemical reaction process. So, without the baking soda maybe it’s not needed. Don’t know. I just always make them with the vinegar added.

If you want you can use baking soda instead. Just switch it out for the baking powder. Same amounts.

I don’t add the salt either. Actually, with any cookie or cake recipe, I never do. I also bake my cookies on a Pampered Chef stone. Another thing the recipe calls to bake at 375 degrees but since I bake on a stone 365 degrees works well for me. Just so you know. 🙂

One more thing, I don’t decorate my cookies.

But for you, I gave it a try.

Okay, I’m done, way too much work. I just want to get to the eating. lol

A few more pics:

Thanks Carol (Just Let Me Quilt) for putting together this hop and thank you wonderful hoppers for stopping by. Now that we’re sharing cookie recipes, guess I’m going to have to add some more cookies to my baking to do list. 🙂

December 3rd

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18 thoughts on “Virtual Cookie Exchange 2015

  1. Cute cookies, decorated or un. Decorating just adds more sugar to the mix, and salt is just supposed to be a preservative. But, really, how long do cookies stay around? Mine never need a preservative! Thanks for your recipe. I’ll try it!


  2. Thanks for this classic recipe. I think gingerbread is a must at Christmas. I prefer mine plain too but my daughter enjoys the decorating sooooo…..


  3. Hi! You may not believe this, but I have to bake 4 dozen gingerbread men this weekend for school! This is awesome! Luckily, the students will be doing the decorating….wahooo!
    Hope you have a happy holiday!

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  4. Thank you for sharing not only your recipe but also your tried and true tips for good results. Hopping is great fun and eating cookies, virtually, keeps the calories in check.

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  5. It’s interesting that you found that baking soda created such a different finished product since baking powder is actually made from baking soda and one or more acidic salts. Since the baking powder has the acid already in it, you could probably leave out the vinegar without there being a noticeable difference.
    Thanks for sharing you recipe!

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    1. Baking powder does have baking soda in it but it’s a step up from baking soda. There is a difference cooking results. Baking powder puffs and baking soda spreads.. That makes baking powder better for cookie cutter cookies.


  6. How lovely! Thanks for the tip to make the gingerbread soft! I like soft way better than crunchy. The iced ones are darling. Nice to visit you again — really like the look of your lovely blog.

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  7. Your gingerbread men look wonderful! My grandchildren would love to help you decorate them. 🙂 I’ll probably have them help me instead… I didn’t know that about baking soda, so I’m glad to find that out. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Yore decorated gingerbread man look sooooooo tasty. I don’t have a cookie cutter, so I think mine will be round and decorated like Christmas ornaments.

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  9. Yum!! Your cookies put me in the Christmas spirit! I’ll have to try these with my grandson when they’re home. Thanks. On a side note, I’d love to know how you combined the photo of the recipe with the graphic in the background.

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  10. Not only did you share a great gingerbread man recipe, but you gave some hints that I so needed. I don’t have good luck making them, but now I will be giving it a go. I like my cookies soft, too, so substituting the baking powder sounds like what I need to do. Thanks for this recipe and for playing along with us cookie bakers!

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