FNSI Results

FNSIButtonLast year I took a class with Dawn Heese of  Linen Closet Designs. When I came home with my unfinished project I was certain I was going to get it finished. unfortunately, like many others, it ended up in my UFO piles. Last week  I went through all my UFO’s with the intention to get some of them finished. I’d decided to start with this one. Honestly it’s the one with the least amount of work left.


I was able to get the top and bottom checked border sewn on before I ran out of thread. Don’t you hate that. So later have to go buy more so I can get this finished this weekend.


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  1. I have tons of thread to prevent that very thing. =) I love the project you chose, and it makes sense to start with the one that is closest to finished. It’s encouraging to go on when one is finished

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