Slow Sunday Stitching

Joining Kathy and the all the wonderful stitchn’ lovelies today for:

Today I’m back working to stitching the Winter Queen. I had took some time off while waiting for the Q-Snap I ordered to arrive. Like I mention before I’m in a place where I need to expand and I didn’t want to trap my stitches in the edges of my hoop. Never really liked doing that. I was hoping that the Q-Snap frame would work better on this larger project. So I ordered the 11×17 frame along with some extenders.

  I am surprised how easy putting the frame together was. I ended up using two of the extenders to increase the width

My biggest concern is that the tension would be too loose. Turning the clamps was all that was needed to adjust the tension. I don’t see any difference the Q-Snap verses the hoop with . After today I’ll get to find out how well the tension stays while stitching. before I need to adjust again.  I’ve heard and read stories of people who love it or don’t because of this.

Well, I’m off to link up and start stitching.

Thanks so stopping by today.


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8 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Stitching

  1. Is the Winter Queen a cross stitch project? I love Cross stitching, Let us know if you liked thw QSnap frame. When I begun stitching I used a hoop or a wooden frame, but they are weight and my left hand get sick to hold them. Now I cross stitch holding only the fabric in hand.
    Have a great stitching week.
    Hugs from Brazil

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  2. I’ve never used a snap frame so it will be interesting to find out how you like it compared to using a hoop. Your Winter Queen project looks like it’s going to be gorgeous!

    I host a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered and I’d love to have you come link up this post.

    I do hope you’ll come join the fun!

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  3. I like all the q-snap frames and have quilted large quilts in my floor model. =) I think you will like it. Remember to loosen when you aren’t stitching – just turn the bars inward to let some slack in.

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  4. The q snaps stay pretty tight. I’ve used them for years with no problems. eventually the snap on covers will loosen, but you can either put them in really hot water or on the top shelf of your dishwasher and the hot water will tighten them up again. I like them because you don’t get the hoop marks you do with a regular hoop and there is no need to stabilize the sides as you do with stretcher bars. Your winter Queen is looking great!

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  5. So glad you could join in the stitching today! Interesting to hear about your Qsnap experience. I have one around here someone but it was too small for my use… never thought of extenders.

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