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Well, it’s been a couple of years (2013) since I participated in Where Bloggers Create. Not much has changed in the way of my space. I still have no drywall. Everything that is a main stay is pretty much in the same place. I have purged some and added some new little things along with fabric of course.

I know a lot of bloggers will have pretty spaces. One day I will too. 🙂 For now I’m just happy to have a space.

This my space:


Its a 10×10 space. A basic square.

The ribbon holders are new. I picked them up a Jo-Ann’s during their pre-black Friday sale. I don’t remember the cost.

Here’s my work space. I have a new cutting mat that is larger. That’s really nice to have.


I use a metal stand for hold my patterns I’m working on at the time. The checkered vase I picked at Hobby Lobby for $2. I use it to hold my smaller rulers. The white ramekins usually hold candy. lol  I don’t have a place at the moment for my design boards so that are getting moved around the room at now.


This space is were I do my tracing when I’m working on a applique or embroidery project. It’s getting a little crowded in this little area, so I’m going to need to do some purging and rearranging soon.


My sewing area is pretty much the same too.  I have moved some things around and added some here.



I’ve bought a bobbin holder and some colored bobbins. I use the different colors for different threads.  The green is my Aurifil, yellow is Sulky, purple is polyester….  The spice drawers hold my sewing machine needles.



Another new thing I just recently added is my thread drawer.


This sits in front of my design wall. I have been wanting to get my DMC threads out of plastic containers and put them in something prettier. I found this container at Hobby Lobby and it was perfect.



I use this to hold left over fabric I cut into strips to make binding. Gives it some place to be till I use it.



Here is me sweet little sewing machine table I found long ago.  It has been stripped and restained.


I think no matter what comes and goes in this room, this cute little table will always be with me.


This shelving has been purged and reorganized some. It holds yards of fabric, and scrapbooking stuff. Also my muslin’s, wool’s, flannels, and cross stitch fabrics.


Plastic containers still have patterns, glitters, glues….stuff like that.


This sewing table is now home to my newest ‘thing’. It’s were I have my inks and paints.


My paints are sitting in a spice rack I found at Old World Market.


I have room here for lots of stamps! Yeah, I know the picture frame needs something in it. I’ve got plans for that. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me through all these pics and for visiting me today.

*and *

Thank you Karen for hosting this annual blog hop. It’s such a wonderful hop we all look forward to each year.

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28 thoughts on “Where Bloggers Create…..My Space

  1. I enjoyed my little visit to your creative space! And I LOVE your old sewing machine table…it is darling.
    Even with no drywall, you’ve certainly made the most of your space. And, if you ever do put up the walls, you’ll have all the trouble of moving all that perfectly organized stuff out….maybe you don’t need to be in a big hurry for smooth walls, haha.


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  2. What a lovely creative space you have! I think mine is about a 10 by 10 square too, and it’s perfect for me. You’ve done a beautiful job of organizing all of your necessities. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Your space is lovely ! Very organized, I love all your storage ideas, especially the vintage items you used. The DMC thread container is beautiful and your little sewing table is so cute !
    I really enjoyed the tour. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a great week,
    Wilma, Shabby Royale.

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  4. You have made very good use of your space and yes, just having a space is fabulous! I love your rustic thread drawers!

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  5. What a nice space! You are like me with a small space to work in, but you have made great use of it. I love your storage and organization. The thread drawers are too cute and so is the little sewing table. I would keep that always as well! Have a lovely day!

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  6. Wonderful creative space! The tip for colored bobbins for different thread types is awesome, thank you very much I will be borrowing this one! Such wonderful fabrics too! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

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  7. I wish I sewed when I see stacks of pretty fabrics like you have. One sure has to keep an open mind for repurposing things for craft storage as they can become a workhorse for something other than intended. The wooden piece you hand scraps on would become a place for me to display antique napkins as I have a soft spot for linens, new and old.
    Happy Crafting.

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  8. You’ve got a fabulous space, Theresa! Who needs drywall when you have all that lovely fabric to look at! : ) I just bought a bunch of bobbins because I never could find an empty one when I was using a new color thread. I should look for a bobbin holder like yours. Right now I keep them in a small drawered piece I have that hold my threads. Your space looks and sounds like it totally works well for you!

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  9. Your studio is wonderful despite have no drywall! LOL!! Have you thought about stapling fabric onto the studs to cover the insulation and give yourself something prettier to look at? When you are ready to add th drywall, the fabric can come down easily and then be reused! Just a thought… I hope you enjoying the party!!

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  10. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of your space. You are so organized. I’m getting so many ideas . . . when I finish with all the studio tours, I think I will have to tear into my space and do some major organizing:) I love your colored bobbin idea . . .that is so smart:) Also the little dowel shelf for hanging your leftover binding. Both of these ideas would save a lot of frustration. Great space!

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  11. Drywall or no, you have filled your space with things both useful and beautiful ~ I love it! Thanks for letting us take a peek ~

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  12. Hello Theresa, what a fabulous crafty space. Even though its only 10×10 you have utilized it well. I’m loving the new thread drawer, metal holder with distress paints and round metal holder on table are beautiful. Really caught my eye. Thanks so much for sharing. Karen.x

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  13. What a lovely space!! You can’t tell you don’t have drywall and as long as you have a space that works for you, who cares?!

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  14. What a nice space Theresa! And who cares about dry wall as long as you have a space/kingdom to call your own:) and you done a beautiful job organizing and decorating this one!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Dry wall or not, I think your space is lovely and you’ve certainly done a great job organizing it! Thank you for sharing it with us♥

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