Meet & Greet Stitchers Around the World……

Thanks for stopping by today! I’m so excited to introduce myself and share a few of my favorite projects. Thanks Mdm Samm for putting this Meet and Greet together.

My name is Theresa and I come from a family of stitchers and sewers. Oddly enough, no one taught me how to stitch. I did however spend many hours watching my mom as she stitched and lots of time admiring my Great Aunt’s many embroidered blocks and quilts.This is were my love for stitching began.

This is my Great, Great Aunt. She was a lady who loved her quilts and had many of them. She also the was the one who taught my Mom to make quilts and to embroidery. 

Here is my baby quilt my Mom made. Purple gingham……….


…….. and cross stitched embroidered blocks. My Mom hand quilted it as well. It’s so frail and stained. Not sure how that happened. I love it anyway.


My first form of stitching was crochet. My mom gave some yarn, a needle and a book. I sat down and taught myself how to crochet. That first attempt ended up being a bed size afghan for my Grandma. I was in the 5th grade than so I guess that makes me about 9-10 yrs old at that time.

Years later I taught myself to cross stitch. That was about 25yrs ago and I still love it today. I would like to show you a few of my favorite pieces of what I still have. I’ve got a big habit of giving away most of what I make.  

This project was the second cross stitch project I did. I don’t remember where I got the pattern and I no longer have it.
I had a time in my life when I got into holiday projects a little to much. I began to save my favorite holiday patterns from cross stitch magazines in binders. I collected them but I didn’t began to stitch’em up till several years after I got married. Yep, I carried them around for many years.

Here are a couple completed stitchery’s from that my stash.

Anyone remember these? This pattern was originally published in Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Christmas 1990. This was before Better Homes & Gardens acquired them. Sadly they stopped publishing the magazine some time around 2000.

Besides this one that is obviously for me, I also stitched one for my DH and my Sweet Pies. I think I collected every stocking pattern that was published for this line. 

I have lost the pattern to this wonderful pumpkin stitch pattern. I don’t remember what magazine it comes from so if this is familiar to anyone or if you know where it comes from please let me know. I would love to have the pattern again. 
  I love this stitchery!

This was the first time I ever worked with uneven linen and the last. Even though I love this stitchery, uneven linen is not for me. So you know, I do absolutely love even linen.


Here it is. The project I didn’t get finished when I participated in the ‘Tammy For All Seasons.

I took Cori’s advice and sewed the stitchery onto the bag. 

I also enjoy soft doll making, applique, embroidery, still love’n crochet, gardening, floral design, cake decorating, diy projects/decorating, and paper crafts. Here are a some examples on my favorite list from past blog hops.

Now for a give away. I have 2 mini cross stitch kits, they’re 4″ in size . They my seem simply small but this is how I started years ago. I wasn’t sure I could cross stitch at all so I bought a kit like one of these. Years later I’m still loving it. So if you would like to have one just tell me in your comment which one you like. That’s it. 

Giveaway now closed.

Thank you so much again for stopping by. There are so many more projects just waiting for me to complete and to start. I hope you stop by again to see what I’m working on.

Whether it’s though visiting each others blog or just though comments for those who don’t have one, I look forward to getting to know you and what type of stitching you enjoy.

Till next time,


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22 thoughts on “Meet & Greet Stitchers Around the World……

  1. Hi. What a lovely embroideries have you made. I had never heard of a “Tammy for all seasons” but it looks wonderful. I adore your pumpkins, they are almost real, lovely. Greet from Nienke from the Netherlands.


  2. Just getting caught up. I love how you finished your Tammy bag. It's so elegant. It has been nice learning a bit about you and seeing what a creative and accomplished stitcher you are. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hello! I come through the Meet and Greet too! What lovely things you have stitched there! I loved those pumpkins!May I take part in the giveaway too?AriadnefromGreece!


  4. So many wonderful projects, I love the pumpkin patch. I still have several projects I saved from the cross stitch magazine you mentioned. Reading your post reminded me of the many things I have made and given away. So happy to meet you and I will come back to visit. I love the little cup cross stitch.


  5. I have all of those stockings in my own collection of charts, but never worked up the nerve to tackle them. Silly, since I was doing huge landscapes that probably had more color and detail. Are the pumpkins from Just Cross Stitch? I know I've seen them someplace….


  6. Love the pumpkins and your stocking! Sometime back in the 80's, I did Christmas stockings by Mary Beale. I believe there were 7 or eight in the series. Thank you for sharing your projects.


  7. Its lovely to see some of your work. Your pumpkins are great! Theres so much depth in the stitching. I havent really done any cross stitch and always admire what people can do with it. I like the teacup kit, I'd make it for my mum.


  8. Your Tammy Bag turned out darling! Love the edging around the cross stitch! The bears with ice cream cones is a fun piece and that baby quilt.. reminds me of my Aunt Jimmie Lou. She was always doing the cross stitch quilt blocks.


  9. Always a pleasure to stop by and visit. You have such a collection of beautiful stitcheries. It is really quite inspiring…especially to a beginner like me. Just look at what I have been missing out on! Your post is beautiful. Your Tammy bag turned out gorgeous!


  10. Your stitching is beautiful. I would love to find the pattern for the stocking (I am in the process of cross stitching a Christmas stocking for a new grandbaby who is due to arrive in the Fall). Thanks for the great giveaway.


  11. Good Morning….where to start…first happy spring…and then i see fall of pumpkins ( adorable) , your tammy bag is just a sweet display..I remember the challenges you had with them and look how you put it together…it’s beautiful….you are such a fine stitcher in every way..


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