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Earlier this week I spent some time taking photos with my camera. I’ve tried to learn how to take better photos and it’s been a challenge since the camera I have is not a DSLR but just a regular point and shoot. There is a lot of information out there on how to take great photos with DSLR’s but not for automatics. With the camera I own I can change the ISO, color balance and the exposure composition even though it doesn’t have a ‘manual’ setting. I haven’t owned many cameras so I don’t know if this is a normal thing for automatics. Aside from that, what I’m learning is just how important light is no matter what you have. 

 So what I’m going to be doing is taking some pictures during different times of the day while trying out different settings and seeing what that looks like.

What I thought I’d show is some that I took in the early evening. It wasn’t quite dusk but the sum not strong over head. 



Learning how to compensate for too much light or not enough is a little tough. Rarely is there ever the perfect ideal light situation. I’m learning at this point and hope to get better as time goes by.  What do think? Any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Camera Play

  1. I agree with Samm Theresa, those times are the very best for natural light. I also find that if you are taking pictures indoors, a bit of white fabric or paper to reflect the light where you want it can help with some beautiful results even with a point and shoot. Getting to know how your camera works is the biggest hurdle, and there is nothing better than just practice. You have some amazing photos already! Looks like you are doing fine to me. Hugs, ~Cori


  2. lovely pics….you are doing well.. I always find early morning or right before the sun is going down are perfect times to photo anything..I love reflectors too….so even on a dark day I can capture some light….look forward to more..


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