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Hi there! I’m still working on my Bittersweet block so no changes there. Last week I did pull out another BOM that I started a few years ago. It was my second applique project after I learned hand applique. It one of those projects that is a fabulous pattern but it shouldn’t have been my second project. But hey, that’s what I do, 😀

This BOM is called Baltimore Halloween by P3 Designs.

 Back when I started this block I didn’t think about adding stabilizers to the backs of applique blocks. I knew to do that with embroidery but I just didn’t think about it with applique. I really should have because of the embroidery. Another thing I tend to do is pull the thread too tight. I’m that way with anything stitched. So what I ended up with was puckers, so I’ll have to figure a way to either fix it or live with it.


This was the first block of the pattern I did. That owl and tree for me were so hard. At the time I ended up buying more fabric so I could redo it and I did redo it. If I had waited to do this pattern when I had some prior practice I think now I wouldn’t have had such a tough time. Instead this was my second projects after learning applique. Not that I’m so wonderful at hand applique now but I’ve definitely got better.


This is the block I’m working on now along side the Bittersweet block. I really like working on more than one project at a time. Where I getting myself into trouble is that I’m starting too many. I need to stick with just two or three projects. My attention is short. I just get bored when something begins to take too long. It’s nice to be able to switch back and forth. I just need to stop starting more than I can finish. lol


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