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Hey there! Welcome to another great blog hop. As always thanks to Mdm. Sam of Sew We Quilt for hosting this and to Thearica of Pig Tales and Quilts our cheerleader.

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It was fun putting together my project for this hop. I choose an idea that I thought would be liked by my husband and me. I don’t know what he thinks cause well….I haven’t asked yet. So here it is.

 My fabrics laid out.

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun hopping today and be sure to leave comments.


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49 thoughts on “Flags On A Stick….Blog Hop

  1. Have always wanted to fly away in a hot air balloon. The only chances I've had were the ones where the balloon is anchored to the ground 😦 . Hope you and your hubby enjoy memories of flying when you see this.


  2. Hot air balloons fill the skies of Albuquerque during the International Balloon Fiesta each October here. Most other months I can see balloons flying too unless it's too windy or too hot (can't lift in the heat). I still love looking up when I hear the sound of the burner to see where a balloon is and what it looks like. I like how cute your balloon is made with hexies!


  3. up up and a away in your beautiful balloon great flag and good on you for being a pick of the day … way to goin stitches


  4. fly me away in a balloon…this is so imaginative….on our 15th anniversary, I surprised my hubby and we went up in an hot air balloon…what a high you left me with this morning lol


  5. You definitely need to ask your husband what he thinks. I think he'll think he can fly away from all his woes. This is amazing! The longer I look, the more details I see. I love the banner across the balloon. All the hexies make a perfect baloon. I like the thread/string/yarn outline to the balloon, too! Thank you for participating. I think your husband will be as fond of your flag as the rest of us are.


  6. WOW, love the hexie hot air balloon! I am sure your hubby will love it too. Thank you for sharing.


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