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With this project I wanted to use only stash fabric but ended up buying some solid red to use for borders. Couldn’t find anything in my stash that would work better. I think it turned out cute.


Here’s the fabric I worked with. I don’t know have long I’ve had this in my stash but it has been a good while.


Yep, that’s my Christmas tree under the top. I usually leave it up all year (undecorated of course) but I decided this year to take it down. My problem now is I can’t find a container large enough for it. I don’t want to buy one of those expensive bags so I’ll have to figure something out.

I was able to get a close up of the white heart. I wanted to show it was more than the bright light that it looks like in the other photos. lol

The pattern Hugs and Kisses used for this hop can be found here at Whims and Fancies Etsy and Craftsy. Proceeds go to charity.


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February 17th

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52 thoughts on “Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop

  1. It looks beautiful and I love the fabrics you used! The letter looks great with the other blocks. Other than one fabric, I used fabrics from my stash too.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!


  2. How cute and your added envelope was perfect. I really love the mostly white fabric with the hearts and swirls on it.


  3. Too cute! And a stash buster, what can be better. Just an FYI… I bought a bag for my Christmas tree this year, and they are not what they are cracked up to be. The metal branches tore holes in 2 places in it! ARRRRGH.


  4. Great fabrics! Some of them look familiar. =) I like your table topper, and the photographic setting. =) I leave my tree up in the garage and just cover it with a couple of really big black trash cans to keep the dust off. Works, but it’s probably a shorter tree than yours.


  5. Very pretty! I love you choice of fabrics, particularly the love letter one. Thanks for sharing in the hop. XOs from me to you … ❤ Pat


  6. You addition of the love letter was a great idea! I am trying to use just stash fabrics this year. So far I have only bought ONE piece of fabric. But, then, it IS only February. Oh, wait. I bought two…but just TWO! That is only one a month!. I totally see the need for the right red trim. If you ever need someone to help you rationalize additions to your stash, I am your woman.


  7. Last year hubby stuck our little tree back in the closet along about….oh….October, I think. So I got it out again for Christmas. Guess what???? You’re right! It’s STILL out! So glad I’m not the only one! Love your little quilt! great colors.


  8. I really love your fabric choices and it looks great. Thank you for sharing. And my cousin leaces his tree up and decorated year around. He sets it into a closet! lol


  9. Love how your Hugs and Kisses turned out! I have thought about leaving my tree up and decorating it in themes for each month. Thank you for sharing.


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